Art Center Acceptance - possibility - examples

I am currently putting together my portfolio for art center. To be honest I am really nervous about applying not only because of the hype but how the average freshman is 23 yrs old.
Does anyone have any tips, or example portfolios that have been accepted by art center?
ANYTHING WOULD HELP. I am not desperate just feel I am going into this one blinde.


I’ve considered the same, and would like to know what level of work they are looking for. In the various programs.

It would probably help if you mentioned what program (Transportation, Product or Entertainment, etc.) that you are shooting for.

For the Transportation program for instance, I am recently gathering they want to see lots of ideas; innovative concepts for transportation styling or functionality. Final renderings are not as important as the concept itself. You will learn how to improve your drawing and rendering skills there, so I guess initially they want to see your innovative form developments more than finished renderings of designs. This is just my take on the information I’ve received from their website, and other forums. The school also sent me some examples of quick, rough sketches by 6th and 7th term students. They would probably do the same for you if you contact them.

The website also lists entry portfolio requirements for the various programs, but really doesn’t show examples.

If anyone does have examples of work that did get accepted please post it if you can.

Hope this helps.

i would say, try to take a night class there. a bit steep, at $650 when I did it in 98 but well worth it. something like Intro to Product design which is usually thought by an Art Center graduate working in the Industry. You end up doing a few projects that could be used for your entrance portfolio. it would also allow you to check out the studios and give you a chance to talk to students in the various departments over the course of a semester.

on the other hand, lookup Pasadena City College which offers a very comprehensive list of art classes that you can use to get you ready. They also have Intro to Product design thought by an Art Center ID graduate who’s been teaching in their department for ages. Now here comes the best part - Community college classes are $13 per unit for California residents… quite the bargain for a 4 unit class when compared to ACCD.

how old are you? if you are a straight out of high school, i would recommend that you go to community college or university that gives you a chance to get all the partying out of your system. it’s not worth giving up the college experience in order to get worked like a dog. ACCD would teach you all the skills but you still need to be well rounded academically.

as far as the actual portfolio is concerned, for product design i would say, solve a problem and take it through it’s paces. a bit of research, a trend board and some ideation sketches that show your thought process, followed by a few marker or photoshop renderings of your finald design direction should be enough. it is important that you show your thought process. in general, about 3 design related projects should be enough. after that add other stuff like life drawing, graphics and whatever else you might have. i’d say that the most important thing would be to show yor ideation process and sketching.

I am just finishing up my first term at art center… i will offer you this advice: don’t worry so much about your portfolio. that shouldn’t be your biggest concern. your biggest concern is whether or not you are really ready for it!!! Whats your background? like the guy before me mentioned… are you right out of high school? do you have a art/design background? if you feel that you are well prepared… then it will show in your portfolio regardless of whether or not it fits the “cookie cutter appliciation portfolio,” and you will be able able to handle it. but if you put together a kick*ss portfolio but lack the mileage you’ll fall quickly behind, or at least be miserable trying to keep up.
In my personal experience… my portfolio was lacking. I didn’t even follow the requirements! yet they let me in!!! so no big deal there. BUT… If I could do it over again I would have waited another term to apply and taken an art center at night course. you’ll find that many kids do and it really helps prepare you. Most of my classmate’s drawing skills are far superior to mine, thus i am constantly kicking myself for being so hasty to apply. There is no rush. if you can take an art center at night course, by all means DO!!!

i think they want to see drawing skills. they want to see good lines. they want to see unique form languages, well for trans they do … i think for product, they want to see unique product ideas or practical problem solving in your products. u dont always have to follow their requirements fully, but submit a lot of work. even work that you think sucks, they might find something in it thats great.

i just finished my 2nd term there … and yea i would recommend taking an acan class as well. that way u know fully what u are getting yourself into, but more importantly, u know how to prepare yourself for it. or just go into the school and start walking around and talking to people. people are willing to help, unless theyre late for class or busy wit projects. anyways your priority shouldnt be getting into the school … it should be getting youself a scholarship.

entrance portfolio?? here it is, enjoy:

christ gary…they let you in that crap? :slight_smile: just kidding man. how did you do in velasco’s class?

my take on getting into art center…

pretty much if you can pick up a pencil and draw some shapes with knobs on them and call it a “cell phone/mp3 player” they’ll let you in. or better yet take two lame products, combine them into one new one and you’ll get in. but that doesn’t mean you belong at accd or will perform up to standard. art center seems to let people in, take their money for a couple of terms and then watch them drop out because they can’t keep up. so i would get at good as you can before you start. take pcc classes, art center at night and just practice practice practice. try and get entrance scholarship…don’t just try and get in. if it takes you a year or two to do it, just do it. there is no rush. otherwise you’re going to suffer, drop behind, feel like crap and get crushed. you want to be one of the top students when you come in. good drawing, presentation skills and ideas all before you even start. that way you have the best chance for scholarship and jobs down the line.

hahah yea i wish i waited a bit longer before i got in . . . but acan classes were limited in nyc, only intro to product and trans, and i couldnt afford to move to california just to take acan or pcc without loans, so i did wat i did. yea i wasnt sure if i was gonna get in . . . and my portfolio probably woulda been better if i took acan classes in pasadena or pcc, but oh welpz. i heard theyre pretty generous with scholarships if u come outa pcc. =P

wow it has changed since I was there…

my take: how do you clearly communicate your ideas visually. How efficient are you in visual communication.

The most important part is the communication and intent of your idea and how well you “tell the story”. remeber, you are not there presenting your work. Clear sketches (not good or exact perpective but clear) annotations, exploded views, sections whatever. your idea doesn’t have to be the hottest but if your communications is clear you will have an arm up.

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trestles! whats up man. sorry for being so incommunicado. school and life have been a bit brutal. i took 18 units last term and didn’t have time to breath. anyway…taking a break next term so i’ll have more time. how are things on your end?

and as for entrance stuff from when you were in…i’m sure it has changed a lot. i think it was a bit tougher a few years back.


i’m not in the area at the moment and can’t call you…tried to email but it bounced back. you got a new email?

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