Array in Ai???

Please forgive me, as I know that I should know the answer to this question. Is there an “Array” function in Illustrator? An example is if I have an object and I want to copy that object around in a circle multiple times with equal spacing how do I do that? Also if I have an object and I want to copy it multiple times in a straight line with equal spacing how do I do that?

I know that this is possible, but for some reason I can’t figure it out. Thanks for the help.

The short answer is no, but there are similar tools:

1) To scatter objects on a path and control their size/spacing:
This is what you want. Select your object, then create a “Brush” in the Brushes pallette. Choose “scatter” brush and adjust the settings. Use the brush tool to draw your path, or click on any path then click the brush in the pallette. …But you can’t specify the number of objects that appear unless you’re willing to eyeball it, or do some math.

2) To duplicate your object at precise intervals in a straight line:
Use Ctrl-D to “duplicate” your last move." I use this a lot when I duplicate an object (hold down the ALT key while dragging). You can also use it in combination with other transform tools like rotate or resize. Double-click any of those tools to get precise.

3) To distribute your objects evenly, horizontally or vertically:
Use the “Distribute” tools to evenly distribute a bunch of selected objects.

4) To distribute objects precisely in a straight line (and morph the difference:)
Use the “Blend Tool” (double click it to specify the steps.)

You’d think wouldn’t you? Nope. Pick the point that you want to array around and create a line that has it’s middle on this point. The line needs to extend through and just past the object to be arrayed. Select the line and the object to be arrayed and manually rotate it. Divide 360 by the number of objects to be in the array and enter that as the degree of rotation. Select copy in the rotation window and then use ctrl + D to repeat. Repeat untill the array is complete. Delete the lines and you have yourself an array.

I honestly believe Adobe is withholding array for future “amazing!” and pointless updates.

This task is frustratingly simple in, of all things, CorelDRAW. They have an “apply to duplicate” setting on their position modifier. Basically you could type in the distance hit copy as many times as you need to, and you’re off like a prom dress.

This is crazy. I can’t beleive that this is not possible. I am drawing a snow flake (I know sound fruity) and I was going to draw one part of the flake and then array it around. I guess I will just have to do it the hard way. Thanks for the help.


check out this link. the blend tool can do that!

i hope that helps!

This is great. Thanks