Ariel Hipercar

@Mr-914 brought this up in the EV thread. Top Gear has an interview with the CEO walking around the car. The design is pretty sophomoric in the extreme but I respect the engineering… and 2 second 0-60 time is insanity. I always liked the Atom. It balanced that whole 4 wheel motorcycle thing nicely… these goes a little too far into Hasbro Batmobile for me.

I love it!

I mean, I don’t think it is aesthetically pleasing. Not at all. But I love the idea of the brand, knowing that something like Ariel can and does exist. The UK was know for it’s huge kitcar industry, which has been eroded almost completely away with international regulations being applied to the car industry. But in Ariel, you see that history still shining through.

And with this car, I kind of hope that there is a ‘base car’ under the crazy panels. Something that can easily receive different body panels.

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