Are you all still doing ID?

For those of you who studied ID, did you all stick with ID or did bad money or bad job market cause you to stray from ID? Or did some of you get into managment etc?

Am I right to think that even in times of bad economy/market etc that and ID degree will give you good skills etc to allow you to work in other areas if need be?

I am in ID and I am now a billionaire. You could too Sarah Kelly. If you wish to study in a cheap school in the 3rd world or Ireland where there are great designing tradition!!!

ah, the old core77 bite, at least make up a witty guest name like Karim Rashid.

It seems like most schools have a percentage of students that never make the transition to being a professional designer of at least some kind, a percentage that become creative professionals but not in ID, and finaly a percentage of students that do what they got a degree in. The three percentages tend to swing wildly based on school.

Four with consistantly great placement at well known places:


totaly subjective of course

yo -thanks for the info…and yeah I notice the bite here…

guest- i wonder what your problem is? Studied for years and never got ANYWHERE? Working in a chipshop??? And for your info the education in Ireland is top notch.

Yo -are those all american colleges you mentioned? I presume so?
Overall, of all the people I have spoken too, none, even the ones struggling in jobs seem to have regrets having studied ID…

Anyway I think it’s safe to assume that even in the worst case ID provides you with a good degree that is impressive to employers…I like to have my back covered. And of course ideally it provides an opportunity to be a designer…

they are all US schools, sorry for the stateside bias, but I’m not familiar enough with any others to recomend them