Are you a "Serious" Industrial Designer?

Ha ha, some of those ads on coroflot crack me up. Naw, I just stand around and joke all the time when I’m at work. OF COURSE I’M SERIOUS!

Remember the one a while back that only wanted Israeli designers? I know there is a plethora of Israeli designers out there (thick sarcasm), but what about some Moroccan designers? Or maybe some from Nigeria? Shoot, why don’t we just go down to Paraguay and recruit from there.

And my final rant…good ol’ headhunters and human resources. They never quite understand what designers actually do. Best quote from head-hunter, “four years experience, eh…that’s not that much.” Um, actually, that’s not that bad. Especially when it’s on top of multiple freelance jobs. I like it when they give you a phone interview after not even looking at your portfolio. Design is a primarily visual profession and our experience and talent never come across on white paper with black text.

Just a light-hearted rant. Happy designing!!

remember that Israeli one. made business sense. Israel has some hot technology companies.

Recruiters comments,

“So you’re an engineer right?”

“Designer…Oh like the people on trading spaces. I really don’t think I can get you a TV show.”

“Don’t you need and engineering degree to do that?”

“Industrial Designer…so you design factories?”

“What is it you do exactly?..How can one person possibly be familiar with that many areas?”

“So you’re a sculptor who wants to work as an engineer?”

Yeah, moral of story use the schools placement assistance…if you need a good laugh, or matterial for amature nite at “The Comic Strip”.

There was one on monster about a two years ago.

Industrial Designer needed for immediate opening as director of product development. Location St Louis, MO. (Actually they said it was 35 minutes west of ST Louis. Company specialized in display fixture and pop designs for big box retailers)

Applicants must have minimum of 15 years experience with a long track record of successful and profitable products. Ideal applicants will have a minimum of 50 completed and marketed projects, as well as a strong list of client and vendor contacts.

Applicants will be responsible for business development, overseeing the design and engineering departments, as well as managing all outsourcing requirements.

Salary Range is $30,000-$40,000 annually.

I figured no one would respond with the required experience for that pay. So I called and inquired about an entry level position, assuming they might promote an existing employee. Come to find out they left out one part of the overseeing portion of the responsibilities. The design and engineering (AutoCAD modeling from client submited detailed hand drawings) departments consisted of supervising 25 developmentally challenged workers from a local assisted living facility of which were paid $6.00 an hour (but we trained them so they received an education).

I was so appalled by the total lack of human respect that the HR supervisor had for those workers I hung up on her.

OHMIGOD! That’s horrible. The manager for our Human Resources department is a sexual harrassment case in waiting. He told his pregnant and single secretary that she should find another job because she couldnt’ afford to raise a child alone. You should hear what he says about the factory workers, who are primarily mexican. Didn’t want to give them bonus money because “those kind of people” wouldn’t use it correctly. Un-friggin-believeable. And this guy is in HR!!

“What is it you do exactly?..How can one person possibly be familiar with that many areas?”

I must have heard this one a million times… :unamused: [/quote]

that’s great…my personal favorite from pple…

“Environmental graphic design…? Uh…you design green stuff and recycling?”

“Do you work with the EPA?”

Senior Industrial Designers

Company: EJM Design
Location: US - N Hollywood, California
Posted: 07.16.2004
Field: Industrial Design


Are you to design what Neo is to kung fu?

…lame, veeeeery lame

Anyone remember this one?

Funny but I just had an interivew a few weeks ago where they really wanted to hire a women. Their group is all men but the core person using the product they design is female.

They are not only looking at women for the position. Being female is a real plus in this situation.

I just had an interview today at a company that had no sign, no address number to mark the building, then no room numbers to designate which one was their office.

As I pulled out my portolfio of signage and wayfinding work, the head of the comapny said “Wayfinding? You mean people design signs? For BUILDINGS?!!”


I’m embarrased to say, but I only figured out what Industrial Design was a couple of years ago and I’ve always worked in Engineering as either a Designer (generic term for goffer level in engineering) or Design Engineer. Turns out Industrial Designing work is what I was doing. I know sad, huh.

I don’t think the profession gets enough credit for the function it provides. As well, the pre-college and college couselers don’t have a grasp on the role of an Industrial Designer and consider it to be more of an Engineering or Design Engineering profession. At least that’s what I was told when I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for a living, way back when.