Are we rich?

If we can somehow chip out $80~100k for our valuable education, technically we can afford a $80~100k car!

… in a depressed state of money and its real value…as always.

are you sure it’s money that’s important

Never said anything about what’s important. I think you are reading way beyond the post. What’s with everyone on this board that has to be so political?

Anyways, it was 4am in the morning and I just finished my paper, so this random thought just came by. Meant nothing more than something for a sad laugh.

I realized that I am beginnng to type like YKH… has that been patented?

Don’t worry about that, everydoby strives to be more profound and wise then they really are. Remember young jedi, they live by the code: When in public, denonce money enthusiastically…when in private, make love with rolls of quarters.

please don’t. most annoying. crap ever. chop. chop. holy wisdom. fortune cookie. yoda. one liner. what’s grammar? style.