Are We Giving Apple Too Much Props???

There´s a Waterstones that´s near Covent Garden, on Garrick Street, I think; it specialises in books and magazines on art and design…worth a look!

THX I appreciate it.

Okay, let’s change the direction of this thread a bit…

Let’s assume that Apple is getting an unfair amount of attention.
Who then is being neglected?

I’ll go first: Yves Behar

Why fuseproject?

I have worked with Yves, and he is a fantastic designer. Sharp as a tack. I agree with your assessment based on personal experience…read as, I like the guy. But he has had a lot of failures as well.

I am curious as to what your reasoning for calling him out in this discussion is.

There are many very cool designs out there that get comparatively little attention. Especially in the non-tech fields. Yves has some beautiful designs, but most seem to be more of one-off art pieces than products that can touch most of our lives. I think one reason that Apple gets a lot of attention for the ipod is not only the design, but it was really the first in mp3 players to deliver on the postpurchase user experience, and it appeals to so many people. Designing exclusive pieces that appeal to a few is far easier than designing distinctive products that have strong design appeal and commercial success with the masses. What are the next unsung “ipods” of kitchenware? furniture? if the iphone is the next razr, what is the next aeron chair? what about category busters like that are bringing design to the staid infant product category? will they be the ‘apple’ of that category?

If Apple is overexposed, then who should we be talking about instead?

Why I think more people should know Yves:

3rd Infantry Division soldier Kevin Garrad exchanged fire with an insurgent (armed with an AK-47) within a range of only a few feet, leaving the other party dead and Garrad alive and well, thanks to an iPod in the pocket. The 20GB iPod thwarted penetration of Garrad’s body armor at the site of the pocket on his left chest. It’s a miracle he’s alive, and he might even be blessed by the angels of portable audio!

Man, that would have gone right through a Zune…

I read an Article about Apple in Business Week last week (April 2nd) with the Virtual Reality on the cover.

“Apple TV’s Blurry Future”

The article spoke about how ITV would leave too much good content in the cold, and that the ITV TV shows is viewed in substandard quality.