are those design school good ones?


I’m creating my list of school to apply now, and the degree I want to apply is MFA.

My background is graphic design,
and what I’ve made now is some posters, flash animaiton,
typography and even photography, so many different directions.

I want to pursue further study at this area, maybe step into the web interaction,
interaction installation or the user interface design.

Here is my first list, but I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decision.


I choose them for the impression of the website, the portfolio and the courses they offered.
I search the key word at core77 but only get discussion back in 2002 or earlier.
So if anyone know something about these school or other good school, could you tell me?
You may offer the information about the course, the professor, the style, what they focus on,
and whether it is easy to find jobs.

Thx so much!=)

could anyone do me a favor?
thx so much!!!

No one has said anything yet because you posted this 9 hours ago. It’s Sunday morning, most designers are out getting coffee, riding their bikes or watching CBS Sunday morning (at least that’s what I did this morning).

You might not get the best responses for an interaction design major since were mostly ID majors here.
Check out AIGA maybe?

Yea dude, it’s the weekend. People aren’t at work procrastinating on Core as much.

SVA in NYC is good. Also Austin Center for Design (Kolko’s school).

Thx you guys so much!
I’ve been stupid, haha. That’s really the part that I am not professional enough as a designer I guess=)

So whati is AIGA mainly about? Interaction design or graphic design?

And I haven’t heard of Austin Center for Design, neither did I see it on the USnews rank for MFA.
What is so good about this school?

And how do you guys think about the well-known ones such as:

Parsons, Pratt, RISD, USC, SCAD, UCLA???

Was Umich in fact a bad one as once discussed in earlier topics?
(I do like the portfolio and the international experience it offer for MFA students.)

I found it hard to find information about school in AIGA, as well as any related forum.

are you sure an MFA is right for you at this point?
It entails a lot of research, patients and knowledge about the design world and frankly, you come across a bit imature.

Did you mean Umea in the north of Sweden when you typed “Umich”?!
It’s a great school with stellar reputation but located very very remote.