are these guys on to something? (Athletic Propulsion Labs)

they must be doing pretty large production orders on these to get into Pou Chen, pretty hard to get into that factory without big numbers, at least thats the story i have been told.

Not sure what the order numbers have to be there. Maybe someone else on this board knows. Their father has a previous relationship with Pou Chen though from working in the industry, so I imagine that didn’t hurt at all.

Final Part 2 of the APL interview is now live…


well if nobody ahd deard of these before… they have now:

thats some serious advertising… Yahoo AND the NBA telling your story… wow.

yeah, looks like the word is out

So is the Ban potentially the best PR they could get?

this ban reminds me of the start of red bull where it was almost a hype to get it because it was banned first for its ingridients and all together that was probably the best way to start.

I think thats the an awesome way to start of for a new company in this field. marketing wise :slight_smile:


This kind of reminds me of Spira being banned from the boston marathon, because it has springs in it. they then paid a few guys to run out in front of the pack for as long as they could wearing bright yellow Spira shoes. At the end of the there was no actual advantage for the runners, nor did they have any real chance of winning the race, but they led for the first half of the race and gave Spira great PR.

Are yoy guys feeling the aesthetic of the shoe and the craft of it?

Some interesting constructions but really it looks like just another basketball shoe. the sketches were nice but not groundbreaking, and the execution is not there.

It’s a “solid” design, what looks like high quality materials, no glaring construction flaws. But it seems a bit conservative considering the performance features it’s been touting. And is it me or does the outsole seem a little too simple?

Not a fan of the overall, seems like there are a lot of little details packed into small areas all over the shoe then this big expansive chunk that could use something to break it up. Nothing ground breaking in the aesthetic, then again, there are fewer and fewer new basketball shoes that catch my eye.

I think that with shoes that introduce a new technology, the design is focused more on “containing” or “building around” the technology versus complementing it and accenting it (shox on the shox bb4, MORF technology on the Pippen, Kidd and Payton sig shoes, the adidas micropacer)

I’m a bit surprised that something as reportedly revolutionary as this wasn’t first developed (and released) by one of the big established companies within their supposedly forward thinking design kitchens! (It somehow seems obvious now its here? - to make a device to more effectively capture the large downward forces exerted before a jump and then utilize them again at the precise moment of lift off…)

I did think the outsole looked overly simple when seen shot in all one colour (green) . I think seeing it in the black/green/white gives it a more modern and sophisticated appearance . ( although I’m not entirely sure about water dispersing functionality after looking at the arc tread indents that dont seem to go anywhere?)

I’m really waiting / wanting to see someone do a cross-sectional cut of the sole to see more of the forefoot tech. ( when I was a kid I used to love taking a scalpel the EVA of old nike airs and Brooks hydroflow to see the acclaimed and often hidden technology at the heart of the 80’s running shoes .)

Overall I would say that I like the appearance of the shoe itself, (the slight toe cap asymmetry
particularly) and speaking from a non-sporting perspective I imagine I could wear something like the tan colourway depicted in the original sketch.

shox bb4 still easily the best shox basketball design, imo. I had a pair that i used ALOT of playing bball in exclusively and was very happy with them.

i like the vc 2 myself…and even then, because it was introducing something like forefoot shox columns, the overall design was very minimalistic

Both of those shoes are much more visually dynami than the AP shoe and they are 10 years old!