Are there opportunities to be both graphics/industrial desig

I am currently pursuing degrees in both graphic and industrial design. I was wondering if it is possible to be working in both areas in a firm. And if possible and that there is a firm that is interested in me, how much can I ask for a salary? Will I have better odds in finding a job? Please help me.

Exhibit Design definately can push both of those processes to the 9’s, architecture knowledge doesn’t hurt either.

User Interface Design is another avenue also.

What area would User Interface Design cover? It sounds like it leans toward engineering design. I have a degree in engineering.

another possibilty might be package design or P.O.S. work…
If your not sure how user interface might be applicable, wait untill your ID education covers it, or ask your prof’s to pont you in the right direction now. It’s never too soon to think about how your education affects your career - so try to find a co-op/internship as soon as you have skills.

Thanks all for informative input. I will do more research in the areas mentioned. How are the demands for a person with both graphic/industrial design degrees in the job market?