are there jobs which let you do POP design and Packaging?

I am trying to figure out whhat i want to do with the rest of my life but dont even know the terminology. So. I was wondering what the type of person would be called that worked on Point of Purchase and pakaging with alil marketing squeezed in would be called… :unamused:

Check out advertising agencies and PR companies. They do both although most of the structural package design is done by product designers.

ahem…Branding companies

I work for one (not for long though :slight_smile:)
We do POP, retail environments and I’ve just completed a series of concepts for a new diswashing powder container…which was actually quite funky.

I only know Canadian companies but here’s an exmaple of a few who I know do all this stuff…(in fact these are just Toronto)

I’m assuming there would be a million more in the States.

your web site links helped me a great deal. I am still researching so anyone else out there who has some company suggestions which I should take a look at plese inform me. thanks again

Upstate New York is home to Chase Design - in Skaneateles, NY. They do quite a bit of packaging and POP work. “Retail” could be one way to describe it, although it’s under the industrial/exhibit umbrella. Chase is often hiring. Kinda sleepy town, nice lake and forests though.

uh…we 'll have a speaker from Chase next Tuesday. They do hire often…probably because NY upstate is a sleepy place? I’ll ask.