Are there design jobs in New Orleans?

Okay, so right now I live in NYC and I love it. But, I’m only 23 and I’m not ready to stick around any one place for too long. I’m making a decent living designing right now, and I really want to try to live in New Orleans within the next couple of years, while continuing to do what I do…but can I? I’ve been to the city and I love it, but can anyone out there tell me what jobs in the creative field are like down in New Orleans?

If I were you I would honestly stay in NYC. I have never heard of New Orleans to have anytype of graphic design or design pop’n off. I am a junior at Parsons school of design in NYC and all my friends and teachers tell us to pick a coast. Either california or new york. I have heard that seatle has some good agencies and texas. oh and chicago. and thats about it as far as graphic design. I think it also depends on what part of the fieid you want to be apart of. Because that will tell you basically were the jobs most likely will be. For example if you are interested in advertising NYC is the mecca, no place better, that i know of. sorry but that is all i know.

and there may not be a New Orleans left in a few days. Man I hope that’s not the case.

Coastal-centric obsessions limit your opportunities drastically. Opportunity for design is everywhere.

i agree one thousand percent, travel the world even if you get a chance. I am just saying what my teachers told me, but I think though if you want to be in advertising NYC is a Great place to be (MY opinion).

What about product design in New Orleans? are there any teams or firms down there? is there much manufacturing?

I am not sure.

Confederate Motorcycles is based in NO, but I wouldn’t think they’re big enough to have a large staff

who’s designing anything but a drink in New Awlings? I grew up in Louisiana. Moved to NYC. I graduated from Parsons in New York, lived and worked there. Moved to San Francisco, then blew off design to move to Key West and do NOTHING. It’s much more rewarding!!!

mathematically not possible :wink: