Are there any weekly designer hangouts in SD

Hey guys, I’ve been working as a design team of 1 at my current job. Love the work i do and the people i work with but these days ive been missing having another designer to just bounce ideas off of, brainstorm, discuss, and share with people that think and approach a problem like me… And so I was wondering if there are any designer focused events or hangouts either online or in person in SD. I’m not looking for those official IDSA events but something a bit more casual where we can just meet up, grab a few drinks, share some knowledge and have fun with other designers.

Any designers in the SD area interested in being a part of something like this?

There used to be a pretty active group on LinkedIn called IDSD that was just an excuse to get beers once a month. It has gone pretty dark though. A few designers and I usually go to to c-bad cars on Saturday mornings at the Starbucks in the outlets in Carlsbad.

Let’s set something up. Would be good to set up a happy hour.

IDSD Speaker Series: Allen Young - The Secrets Of Crowdfunding Your Own Product To Market (January 27th 5:30-7:30)

Most industrial designers dream of designing their own product and releasing it to the world. One of our very own IDSD members, Allen Young, has done that…twice just last year. His two bicycle accessories VIER and BEHOLD quickly reached their funding goals on KickStarter.

Allen has offered to speak with the group about his two Kickstarter successes. Come learn about the ins and outs of developing your own product and running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Please email RSVP to chris at by Monday January 25th, the number of people coming with you so we can plan accordingly. We’ll host appetizers and drinks and follow the usual format; first hour of networking and the second hour the speaker will present.

The goal of the IDSD San Diego based 2016 Speaker Series and meetups is to learn from each other so we can better educate our clients, employers, and the business community about design. IDSD events will typically be on the last Wednesday of the month as they have in the past. 2016 will be a combination of Speaker Series and meet ups.

This event is January 27th, 5:30-7:30 pm
MindFlow Design studio
5451 Avenida Encinas, Suite H
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Yeah - the IDSD events are good. The ones I’ve been to have been a good mix of people and a lot of good conversation.

I don’t know how loosely you want to take “design” in search of hangouts, but there are some other non-ID design groups around that are pretty good. SDXD came out of HCI stuff, but seem to be trying to cover everything these days. I haven’t been in a while, but the attendance was usually software centric. Still, fun meetups.

There’s also the Creative Mornings thing. I’ve only gone to one, and I’m still not exactly sure what their big picture is, but a lot of folks turn up for them and the speakers are usually pretty good.

And as far as just having beers, I’d be game for some kind of weekly-ish get-together. I’ve met a handful of industrial designers since I’ve been out here, but done a woeful job of staying in touch. might be good to get some kind of regular thing going. location could be pivotal, as most seem to be up around Carlsbad.