are there any other id discussion groups?

are there any other fun design discussion groups?

design is not fun. all people do around here is bitch and moan. school burns everyone out on design while the people who arent burnt out realize they wasted their time getting a lame ass degree.

The degree is not name…only your skills if you cant get work.

The schools are just money hungry so most if not all of them have droped a true portfolio review from the requirment…equaling a large amount of underskilled individuals looking for work.

If the schools were not so strapped for cash they would still have the comprehensive portfolio reviews at the end of each term. Including a very stricked entry and graduation review. My class was the last at my school to require them, we started with 25 freshman year…16 sophmore year… 5 graduated, all five found work with in a month. By the way that was summer of 2002. The class after me had 40 start freshman year and 45 graduated becuase 5 architects switched in senior year. 2 of them found work so far.

So it is not the degree that is lame by the schools leading untalented people to believe they have what it takes. If you can not sketch…and I mean hella good and fast…find something else. This is the only skill that gets you in the door. Materials knowlege, and the ability to bullshit your way through any discussion while still sounding inteligent are the next runners up. Few have the skill…these are the onse working…most dont these are the ones here bitching about not having work.

Forgot to mention…I am having the time of my life.

Design not fun…What the hell do you mean. Most of us get payed to basically play with products, draw cool ideas, bring joy to the end users, and create a little peice of the future.

It is the best job on earth, not to mention all of the free products, patents, and being able to walk down a store isle at christmas and see 7 products that you worked on within the 18 months. That is the bigest reward…ther you are with your wife, and mother-in-law (who still calls you the artist guy), and you can say… se this I designed it, especially when they are flying of the shelf, even got a nice christmas gift from the client (but dont tell my boss, 'cuss it about payed off my new TT)

When and in what, did you get your first bachelors degree “.?”

…and I mean hella good and fast…

15 rupies for using ‘hella’

For ID core77 is pretty much the most active board(can get mighty immature and offtrack, though having the registration might help now), though certain specialties like car design have their own sites. IDSA might have something, but last I checked their website was still sporting a '92 design and the only interactive content was the submit cashola button.

Cool. Another dual-degreed designer.

I for one am impressed. Only a little over a year out of school and he’s got 7 products on store shelves? Cripe. Beats me. Takes 1 to 1.5 years for almost everything I do to make it to shelf.

Looks like he’s a worthy successor to my old name (I was getting tired of using . and “.” on the old forum anyways). “Pointman” sounds more … militaristic. :sunglasses:

That’s what I thought two different people using “.”, and both full of shite too, how cute.

Wow. You figured all that out on your own.

Well, because you asked and thought he (she?) was moi, I got my first degree in engineering in the mid-80’s, and my second degree in ID not too long after that. Certainly not in 2002.

How many degrees you got, smart guy.

There pointman I will use this as not to offend you.

As for degrees…I have One BFA In Industrial design with dual minors in Jewlery, and Art History. I did however start and complete 3 years of dual major electrican and mechanical engineering…which gave me a big head start on material selection and properties knowlege.

As for the haters that say I am full of shite on my product count…that is what happens when your consultancy is flooded with work. During our two slower times of the year we have 3 project taking place at once per design team. During the crunch times we have had upto 6. We typically manage every aspect of the process from the initial research to getting the first shipment of product on the ship in china. We have shortent the development time for one of our clients from 25 months to 9 month, and that included CE testing and approval.

So dude dont gripe and wast your time…istead improve you skills and find a fast moving firm if you want to see product on the shelf.

No offense taken. I hadn’t really used that for months; came back and changed it to “.” (w/ quotes) to differentiate it from some others using a simple dot. But hey, this thread is about “fun” and the confusion was fun.

btw, I like “.new”. It’s like a file type (.jpeg). You need to be a more arrogant tho… and condescending. Way more of that. And do you get political? I’m tiring of that stuff; we could use a new lightning rod around here…

wrt the product count, I believe you. But you should start counting solo stuff; team stuff with a bunch of names on a design patent is kinda diluted. After you have some manager spray their scent on your design work a couple times, you’ll agree. Not saying legitimate contributions shouldn’t be recognized (after all, Design Patents are essentially worthless, so what’s the big deal), but plenty of non-contributors will want to have a resume line item to point to. It’s irritating and belittles the effort. How many IDer’s have been pressured to include some marketing moron who voluteered, “Maybe it could have a texture”? Now that is no fun.

Basically I have moved up the ranks fast here, I actually head up most of the projects that I work on. (since only 6 months in to job, had the lead on that project walk out…I steped up to the plate… and grand slam. Product had largest potential buyin rating the client had ever seen in a focus group 96%. Of the other 4% 3% hated the actual feature that the “retro” product was bringing back, and the other 1% felt that it should look exactly like the original borring boxy 1952 product)

As far as team goes, it is genneraly me one, other designer, an engineer (who is actually cool, artistic (amature modern sculptor and loves to push the bondarries and limits), and a fairly “hip” market analyst to conduct real-time research as we go through each design review.

As for political…yeah polititions are all over paid, money hungry, unethical white bastards, that only represent their wallets, and lie freely to their constituancy…I smell revolution in the AIR…long live the MILITIAS, hell of a long range shot myself…especially with my Browning .50. just incase.

let me explain things; i graduted in fall of 2002. found a kick ass design job 6 months later and have been here since. it pays awesome, and i get to do whatever i want. it’s an awesome job.
the thing is that i see so many of my classmates who have better skills than me still out of work. all due to the fact that people get burnt out on design. some programs lack inspiration and motivation. i went to one of those… and without something to look forward to everyday… you get burnt out. choose your program at a well respected school. these boards are an excellent resource, but a degree in design will not make you all rich and happy aven if you have the skills.

So it took you like 7yrs to graduate? And you still can’t spell?

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Uh, oh, “. new” is a tough guy. A real “web gansta”

Jewlery? is that metalsmithing for rabi’s? :laughing:

shudder I hearby disassociate myself from “.new”. Can we find a replacement?

Why must every discussion come end in hater, disrespect, and spelling. I am sure everyone misspells words in the heat of the moment on here, and few go back and proof their post everytime. I know that I never go back.

Now come on the topic is other design discussion groups

ps. All politicians are crooked regardless of race, nationality, sex, party, age, religion, or anyother discriminating factor. However I would not suggest a militant solution.