Are there any decent alternatives to chucks?

I’ve been looking to get a pair of canvas high tops for spring summer but want to avoid the standard chuck taylors. Everything else out there look like cheap knock offs of the converse design (even when hideously expensive designer pairs) or are clearly just trying too hard. I did have a pair of onitsuka tiger which were grey/green with a camo type pattern created by overlaying the tiger head logo on the canvas with grey leather toe and eylets. I can’t find a picture on the web but let me assure you they were far better than they sound. Their build quality wasn’t exactly great and neither was the price but although they cost twice the price of chucks and only lasted half the time I would still choose another pair just to be rocking something slightly different. So the question is is there an alternative to chucks or is going to be a case of walking in to the shop and asking for a pair of size 10s to be taken straight to the till?

I always liked PF Flyers as an alternative…

theyre either called converse star players, or pro leather canvas (im not sure which ones i got)

i feel like that is almost my little secret since no one else i know seems to be up on them, but theyre awesome. and the chuck taylor is getting a bit raped at the moment. some of the treatments theyre doing on those shoes is fcking treason…

these ones (they come in highs and lo’s i think??)

(what a blog btw!!!)

The toecap rubs on my toe so I can’t wear 'em. I favour the white unbranded plimsolls you can get for abvout $5, because they are the perfect shape.

Check out the Heyday Shift. They’re over your price point, but far cooler and more comfortable than Chucks with premium nappa leather, full length memory foam footbeds, and terry cloth or leather linings along with completely original designs and details.

You can buy them at and retailers through out the US and Asia.

And here’s a few more from

heyday, wheres yr vulcanised canvas at?! thats all i’ll wear these days…!

also, i put those jon varvatos converse insoles into my ‘star player lo’s’… so good

Jack Purcells!!!

Can’t go wrong with some classic JPs, but Ozzy “straight jacket” Jacks or JP V4’s, or the Star Player or some one stars are good to have.

Stay classic retro…

cheers for the tips ended up going for these
liked the clean look