Are there academic programs that specialize in exhibition?

I am currently in the Interior design graduate program at Pratt. I applied and entered the program because it offers an exhibition design intensive as an alternative to a thesis year. But before the intensive, it is required that students complete the comprehensive interior design curriculum which now that i’m in it, I think is too broad for my career interests which are in exhibition and installation design of a more temporary nature.
If anyone knows of schools that have a more specific program, or programs offered by museums, galleries, events firms, stores, etc. such as apprenticeships where someone like myself could cut their teeth, I would be awfully glad to hear about them!

Elisava, in Barcelona, has a Master Degree in Exhibit Project Design and Direction. It lasts a year, which is divided in two courses. You can take one and get a Diploma, or take both and get the Master Degree.

You get to practice in MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art); in fact, some of the teachers are members of that institution (which is just outside the campus).

It´s taught in Spanish, of course.

Eli Eli - did you find a program?
I’m looking for exhibition design programs too. There is one at the UArts in philly, and the experience design program at DAE sounds interesting…

FIT also has a masters in exhibition design

Why didn’t you just do ID at Pratt? You could totally concentrate on Exhibition once you got past the intro stuff.