Are the core77 boards better with registration?

Is registration working on core77???

  • Yes, It is much better this way!
  • I understand why, but its not as fun.
  • No, it was way better before!

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Thoughts? Us mods are volunteers, and I’m sure all of us would be interested in your thoughts, as well as the thoughts of the core77 admin?

2 cents here-
not sure what effrot this would take, but, maybe actually have people give more info. real participants can enter real addresses etc, create a voluntary database of designers besides the coroflot boards?
also, its a little extra barrier to entry-

I definitely think the level of thought and language has gone back up since registration has become required. The quantity may have gone down but the quality has definitely gone up.

I wish I had the choice of “Promising, but still yet to prove itself”.

I am happy that spam is nearly zero. The level of discussion has improved. There are far less people who simply leave a one line non-sensical blurb as responses. However, the quantity seemed really knocked at first. I’ve been encouraged though, as I’ve noticed new names everyday.

I don’t mind it, less reading through unneccessary stuff to get to the real goods. Shoe folks are keeping it alive though, most posts are from them now it seems.

The spam was making the entire forum utterly useless and irrelevant. So if we could return to a kinder, simpler time when spammers did not post topics and replies thousands of times a day promoting pornography or casinos, I would be in favor of it.

However, in the world we live in now, the registration is an absolute requirement. Even with it, I just had to delete a dozen spam posts!

the posts are less but it has picked up. It is nice to see new users, and I think over time will be having the same post rates, etc. I do have to agree with skinny the shoe folks are taking over…but I think we always had a lot of posts just that maybe few checked out that section of the boards…

I think the projects and portfolio sections have grown the most and have been doing well, with great feedback and posts.



Much much better. You now get real people interested in asking proper questions.

Anything you can do to combat spam, is a good choice. I agree it was starting to get out of hand.

sooo much better, not logging on everyday means the unread post build up and not having to look through pages and pages of unread spam means a lot of time saving!

Spam has gone down to a level that it is easy to differentiate the “real” posts from the spam. When we had that attack of 10-20 spam or more, I stopped trying to find the real posts in the general forum…it’s not worth my time.

As for the level of quality, I think there is an equal number of good posts, but less needless flaming (sans UFO). I remember some topics where people would post some work and get ten responses that offered no advice further than “you suck”. One post that actually addresses a topic is better than that.

I’m still cautiously optimistic about registration, but I think it is begining to create a positive change.