Are Macs vulnerable to Ad Ware like PC's

I havn’t been a mac guy for about 5 years or so. Are Macs vulnerable to all the stuff that PC’s are?

the short answer is no. pc malware is compiled to run on a windows intel machine, therefore if someone sends you a virus or adware application meant for a pc it will not run on your mac os x machine.

but it would if you were getting it while inside virtual pc on your mac.

and microsoft word and excel macro viruses can still plague office, though most of those were also written for the pc versions of office, so they generally don’t harm macs. however, your office application and documents can serve as a carrier for those macro viruses, so even if your mac is safe you can pass a foul macro on to someone on a windows machine and infect them.

and as more articles are written about mac invulnerability, more government and business it departments, and more consumers switch to mac, it becomes more tempting for hackers to take on the challenge of infecting os x.

java, chat, wireless, storage and print sharing, web serving, and other technologies in os x all are potential entry points for malicious outsiders.

but no, stupid bugs like barfing on specially crafted jpeg images are still the forte of windows, not mac.