Are Fortune 500 cos flexible in job terms?

Greetings all,

Like many here I am unemployed, got laid off about 2 weeks ago. There is not much out there but I do have a couple of possibilities. Both of them happen to be with “household name” companies. Over the last few years I have worked for smallish companies(30-60 people) and I have worked up to an OK, but not great salary, but quite good benefits. For example I have a flex time option to come early and leave early, telecommute one- two days a week and a generous vacation package(23 days plus the normal holidays). I have a masters in ID and have 25 years work experience.

My question is are these giant corporations willing to negotiate benefits like this or are you stuck into their mold? Has anyone been able to get other than the “standard package”?

Thanks for any advice!

If you’re worth it to them, I’m sure there’s room to budge/negotiate. However, if you’re one of 20 to consider and you’re the only one wanting more, they’ll probably move on to the next applicant.

In my experience with larger corporations a lot can be negotiated with your direct manager that maybe HR would have a more difficult time with. I frequently work from home, or I’ll trade working a few Saturdays during a busy period, for a few days off during a slow period. Not official policy, but OK with my direct supervisor. Sometimes I even work from home with my designers…

Also, if they made you an offer, they are most likely not going to reneg on that offer because you asked to negotiate a term. They may however say no to the negotiation, but you only find out if you ask :wink: the worst you’ll end up with is the original offer.

Good point. If you’re that far along the process, they probably want you.

I think managers have personal flexibility whereas HR does not.

Your manager could OK you working from home 1 day a week under certain criteria, but if you just ask HR they would probably decline it because to them “It’s out of policy, and if you do it - everyone can do it”.

Also, don’t bring up stuff like this in the interview. These are things to discuss when you move from the candidate phase to the negotiation phase.

Thanks for the advice everyone, we will see what happens, I’m still crossing my fingers to hear back from them again!