Are bamboo's adequate?

hey guys,

this is my first time posting so hello to everybody.

i just have a quick enquiry. I want to buy a drawing tablet but can’t afford an intuos. I am considering the bamboo but has it enough functionality for in id’er? what is it lacking compared to its big bro?

I’ve got a Bamboo “fun”, which is the higher of the two in the Bamboo range. I’ve just checked Wacom’s site, they now have a Bamboo craft, which I have no knowledge of.

The Bamboo fun has just over 500 pressure levels, compared to my work Cintiq’s of just over 1000, which was more noticeable than I imagined it would be. The basic Bamboo has a very limited pressure range, if any.

Overall, I’m pleased with it, the design of the tablet itself is pretty cool, as is the Apple style touchwheel which zooms in and out.

I’d be intersted to hear what you go for, and how you find it!