Archive 1997: Nest Salt & Pepper

I’m really digging the “Ready Set Proto” account on instagram.

Their prompt last week was for a salt and pepper shaker. It reminded me of this set I designed back in design school in 1997. The model is a little beat up now, but amazing it has survived 22 years of bopping around :slight_smile:

I’d love to see some other student projects from members from the 90’s if you want to share!

Designed in probably 1988. Bent and welded the tubes by 1992. Power coat in 2003-ish. Laminated the plywood last year.

Basement70 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Here’s one… circa 1998

Lamy calculator.

The actual model is around someplace I’m sure… need to dig that up. Have a few more projects around for sure…

Sketch I redid a few years ago for fun. Actually prefer the original model proportions… Might have to redo again in another 20 years…