Once in a while, the remaining architect in me sees something so beautiful, perfectly proportioned, and sublimely detailed that it makes me feel good about the profession again. This house in Spain by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is exquisite.

The link to the article in DEZEEN

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Wow, everything that office designs feels exquisite. (And ‘forget-it’ expensive, of course.)
The full-length illumination along the exterior walls seems a little cheesy, would rather see several spots that illuminated the walls themselves and that beautiful material.
The woven wicker furniture is a nice homey warm touch inside.

The one point perspectives hold up well in the photos. The 2 point perspectives, fit and finish aspects run into continuity problems however.

Have you heard of Kwak Hee Soo? His firm’s work does similar things for me as FSA does for you.