architecture to model building to ??????????????????/

greetings from detroit…

well lets get straight to the point here… background is in architecture (few years in the firms)…construction (design/build)…model building(10years on a professional level and started a forum for it)… and just got a t-shirt line going… and i cant even get a job in the architecture field… so i’m leaning towards getting into exhibit design and actually have done contract work for the engineering department of a house/firm… question is, with my portfolio/experience i guess i need some high end computer modelling skills… so whats the standard for this…form z/etc… and is it possible to get a gig without computer modelling experience…

any suggestions


hey man, I met you in Kalamazoo at Hawaiin 05
at WMU.
For exhibit design/architecture I would say several
modelling packages would do the job. 3D Studio Max,
Rhino, etc. Form Z may work, but to the best of my
knowledge, it has pretty much went the way of the
dinosaur. More than the modelling software, I would
be concerned about rendering packages. 3D Max and
Maya would give you suitable modelling for exhibit and
arch with solid built in rendering packages. Otherwise
you can look at plugins VRay, Maxwell, Brazil, etc.
This isn’t exactly my area of specific expertise, but I
be able to help point you into the right direction, feel
free to hit me up on personal messages.
best of luck

what up yo’

hahaha… crazy that someone knows me on here…hahaha

i know that these days you need to have computer modelling experience to do anything anymore… sort of sucks… i’d rather be in a shop or doing details/designing with a sharpie and trace…

i’m gonna see what i can mess with as in programs/etc… it’s one thing to make a cool model but another thing to actually build it…


The really funny thing is that after reading the subject
line, I was just looking for a way to figure out it was
you, still got the metal business card in my stack’o cards.

You’ re preaching to the choir, but the real benefit for
you then is you can use computer models to illustrate, explore
and prove out options for assemblies, construction methods, etc.
Using your experience. It’s just another tool man, it’s all in how
you use it.

yeah, i still have the metal cards…need to order more though…

i’m actually working on my furniture line and might have some items for the summer '08 if all goes well…

just trying to get to the next level and make it happen… i do need more presentation tactics and tricks though…i can rock in autocad and put together a good set of .dwgs…hahaha…

you dancin’?

aka cryzko

haha, definitely need to step up from the dwgs IMO

dancing on a very very limited basis, my 1.5 year old is
coming up on some sick tops, just give him a couple more
years and it’s on. Was practicing with Kalamacrew off and
on, but time is mad limited these days.