Architecture questions

Hi guys, firstly I’m not sure if this is the right place to seek for advices on Architectural related information, but I’ll just try anyway

I have completed my diploma studies in Industrial design in Singapore. Landed on ID course by accident, but I liked it alot because I could draw, and that made me like design alot.
I am currently looking for overseas Universities to enroll in, probably in Australia.

Sometime ago I started getting interested in Architecture and made some research on the job scope and harsh realities that an Arch guy will face in his career.
It wasn’t the outstanding buildings designed by famous Architects that inspires me to be one, but more on the models people made, the sketches the drew, the rational and the design process the produce.

Eventually I thought the idea of going for Architecture will stay in me. Satisfaction level of Arch seemed to be higher than of ID. However there are some factors that is holding me back.

  1. Arch takes a longer time to go professional(4-5 years?)
  2. I’m moving into an unknown territory, and it scares me ALOT

    My question is…
  3. Did anyone in this forum jump-ship from ID into Arch? I would like to know if the materials/info presented about architecture is true and real
  4. What difficulties you faced from the change to Arch? Any difficulties adapting to the change?
  5. B.Arch or M.Arch, what’s the difference?
  6. Do you regret your choice?

Thanks for reading this long-winded post. Hope to get some feedback!
Song Wei

i didnt shift from ID to architecture. :slight_smile:

What do you really want? You seem, from this post, to be really into architecture. If you are financially-blessed and can afford it, go and study architecture. If not overseas, NUS has a good archi school. “Afraid of moving into unknown terrritory” is not a very good reason to hold you back. With a diploma in ID, I dont think you will be able to go for a Masters Archi.

if you are not financially-blessed, i know that the big architectural firms in Singapore desperately need drafters/AutoCad guys (thats the news 6 months back) for the Casinos projects and the building boom. Its not the most glamorous job, but you get a foot in an architectural firm and surely make some contacts. You get in contact with architects, structural engineers etc…

good luck

we tend to get more questions from architects trying to go into ID than the other way around and we have less expertise to advise you in general. I won’t attempt to answer those.
I can tell you that designing buildings is like creating a one-off where the buyer is the end user - so it’s a very different process than designing mass production products.
about the degree’s, because of the glut of architecture graduates, their profession has created barriers to entry in the form of requiring a Masters degree and 3 years full time work before allowing you to take the licensing exam.
That said, the majority of buildings (90%) in the US don’t use and Architect at all (hence the glut) and a B.arch would probably suffice to enable you to be “designer” of buildings…
However your interests lead me to think your interested in becoming a “Paper Architect”. These are people who design, write, lecture, but never build. many “Starchitects” started this way but you’ll serious credentials. look into admissions to one of the top 5 masters programs.

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