Architecture or design?

Im a senior in high school, i have applied to a furniture design program, but am thinking about applying to an architecture program, i know that many furniture designers are architects, so im wondering which one would be a better choice. I need some advice, thanks alot

a lot of furniture designers are industrial designers, and a growing number are environmental designers.

What matters is what you want to do. If you don’t want to be an architect, do not go to school for architecture. Seems simple, right? In an architecture program you will learn all types of math and structural information you won’t need to know in furniture. You will not get the hands on building, welding, jointery info you would get and need in a furniture program.

I am currently in arch. school and faced the same problem. However, I’ve learned architecture really isn’t so much math and structure as it is design. In first year, I’ve already learned welding, sawing, drilling, etc and am looking foward to a intense furniture studio next quarter- taught by a furniture designer with a degree in architecture- so look at the school, see what appeals to you

… but if it is an acredidited arch program you will have to take mandatory math and structures courses at somepoint to graduate, depending on what local laws are on the state of your school for architects to practice, right?

Not that these are bad courses. In fact they a great. Most arch programs won’t teach you how to weld though.

hello, what school so we can get some info up?

actually, the program at The Bartlett in London has a workshop that DOES teach students how to weld, and has no formalist math at all. Most programs within a liberal arts Architectural Program has no math at all, and if you were to go to MIT or CalTech, then you’ll be going into a math/engineering related program. Most undergraduate architectural programs are not math related, some are structural related, but most aren’t. I went to the Columbia/Barnard Undergraduate Architectural program, and I’m currently in the Bartlett Program, which are ALL design orientated, so I guess it depends what kind of program you choose. Also if you’re only into design and not structures etc, Berlege in Amsterdam is also a suggested program. Princeton and Harvard also have great graduate programs, but if you’re into more traditional architecture then Yale would be somewhere to go. I would not suggest any other schools otherwise. The AA School would be another design orientated school within the UK and is also in London. Good luck in deciding, I’m sure as long as you go with your instincts, it’ll be fine, otherwise, you can always transfer. It’s better to decide on a program you think would be more suitable, remember to visit the schools, each school has a different ‘feel’ and ‘vibe’ to their programs.

i actually learned two weld in the first two weeks- right now we’re making sculptural robots in studio, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in studio cutting medal and such. I go to uc.