Architecture -> Industrial Design

Hello guys, I have been reading this blog for about three years now. I constantly read the forum, but have created an account just to ask you guys for some advice.

I am graduating with a five year B.Arch (architectural degree) from University of Arizona in May. With spring break coming up, I have been meticulously preparing my portfolio to interview for jobs within Los Angeles and San Francisco. At the moment, I am planning on practicing architecture for a few years while trying to make career moves to transition into industrial design.

To quickly get to my point, I live and breathe design and within the very near future would like to switch to Industrial Design from Architectural. I have three questions:

  1. What is the viability of an architectural degree in Industrial design?
  2. Suggestions for captivating design firms which practice architecture + industrial design within LA + San Francisco?
  3. I am assuming no industrial design firm would hire an architect without proper industrial design education, what are suggestions for graduate school within California?

(3b)I have read multiple articles stating many firms prefer a Bachelors of I.Design versus Masters, and was wondering if there would be a greater appreciation for someone with a undergrad degree in design?

I hold this community with the upmost regard, and as a young individual desperately ask for your mentorship. (Yo, I’m looking at you!)

Is an architecture degree really that unviable or was my post too long and didn’t read?

tldr: help please!

I think your post came off as rather demanding. That tends not to inspire a lot or helpful responses.

Whether or not a design firm will be interested in you is entirely up to what you are capable of and how you communicate that in your portfolio. Anything is possible. It depends on how good you are and how hard you are willing to work.

I have so much respect for you guys – the last thing I want to do is come across as demanding.

I apologize.