Architecture in LONDON (UK)


Anybody familiar with UCL?
I am thinking of studying a Master course at the Bartlett (faculty of built environment - architecture)

What is known about this university?
I can´t find any usefull information at the internet…



i finished my masters at the bartlett last october. which course are you thinking of doing?

I am thinking of doing the MSc Built Environment - Light and Lighting

I must say that I am know studying the Master program Industrial Design Engineering, so I have no architecture background. But the information on the website says the course attracts participants with diverse backgrounds.

I am very interested in getting more information on Bartlett or this course in particular. Is this program familiar to you? And are there other foreign students (I am dutch)?

I hope you can help me a little bit!
thanks already…

my experience at the bartlett was very good. i did the virtual environments MSc and had no previous experience of architecture (my background was fine art). there were 20 people on my course, 15 of those were from overseas.

the bartlett has a very good reputation for experimental architecture and i found the atmosphere very inspiring. there were a lot of talks open to everyone at the college from prominent artists and architects. though the resources (computers etc…) weren’t the greatest…

i don’t know anything about the lighting course though. i’m not even sure if it’s design-based or technical-based.

kmm, thankx for your information, good to hear youre experience is positive! It sounds very nice …

One, probably a non-polite question, but is it expensive to study one year at Bartlett/London? I know about the application and college fee, but what amount of money will there be necessary? (Iam also looking at grad.schools in the US, but those are, without financial aid, very expensive!)

Just for comparison!

london is expensive to live in, there’s no question about that!

rent will be the major cost, ucl/bartlett has some student accommodation, i think it’s about £90 per week, which is roughly the same as you’d expect to pay for private rentals. and travel is probably £20 per week…

then there’s going out and shopping, which are also expensive, but very, very good…

kmm: Thanks! I understand it is not cheap! Nevertheless I would like to go there…

One last question, I would like to study for one year, fulltime… Is there any time left to work besides studying? Or will this year be full with coursework?

sorry… been away for a few days…

in my experience it would be possible to work while doing the course. my course was advertised as being full-time but in fact we had 2 days of lectures per week and the rest was project work / self-directed study.

I’d suggest trying not to work while doing your final project, for me this was the busiest time. Of course, I don’t know how the lighting course is set up so this might not apply…

Do you have any tips for the application procedure?

I received the complete application/information package and I started filling in all the forms. Maybe you know where to put extra attention to?
portfolio, motivation or reference letters?


ps. do you know anybody, maybe a student, who I can contact for questions related to the lighting program?

for the application i would say the highest priority is motivation, then portfolio and references last…

and sorry, i didn’t meet any lighting students.

good luck!