Architecture For Humanity>> Corporate Identity

Below is an identity package I did for the Architecture for Humanity logo competition.

I read about the competition on the core77 blog. Having done other competitions for afh in the past I knew a bit about the organization>>> below done with Aaron Symanski, VP of Evo Design:

I wanted to jump in and be a part, but my graphic skills are weak at best. I thought that by keeping it simple I would maxamize what skills I do possess, and simultaneously deliver on what I thought the organization was going for: a serious, legit looking logo that subtlety conveyed their purpose and origins. Not hokey in any way. Something they could send to corporate sponsors and that volunteers could wear on a cool t-shirt with pride. Below are a few of my original concepts:

Cameron Sinclair, the founder, called to tell me they where going to run with the concept and asked if I would refine the concept based on feedback from his team: they liked the idea of “small a” architecture, architecture for people and not for other artchitects. Below is a series of variations I sent over:

we where collaborating very well at that point, spit balling ideas back and forth over the phone and through emai. Cameron asked if I wouldn’t mind drawing up an entire identity concept, at that point it was hard for me to stop. I also did a small collection of apparel, and some periphery usage concepts- Below:

Nice. I know what you mean about not being able to stop and going all out.

I did an identity years ago for a custom small company, and got really into it and did full vehicle graphics, airline livery, helicopter interior graphics, building graphics, etc. just for fun. When I presented the concept, the dug the design, but couldnt really figure out why I was showing a 747 with the identity on it… :slight_smile:

I always find that once you do get a solid graphics treatment and identity the actual application is pretty easy once you figure out the “rules”. Goes a long way in showing the application of the branding rather than just showing the logo black on white on a piece of paper.


Ps. nice envelope with Phil Knight address.

did you do the first gtruck sketch too?

Thanks man>> Yes, I drew up the mobile clinic as well… a long time ago, though…

Yeah, once you get the system down, its pretty fun to start plastering it all over!!! I had to squeak phil onto the envelope :slight_smile: