Architecture Degree wanting to pursue Product Design

I am a recent Architecture Graduate in Los Angeles. After the 5 years of school my interests have shifted to something more along the lines of Product Design. I would like to know if Product Design firms ever consider hiring employees who aren’t necessarily PD or ID graduates.

I am currently working for an Architectural lighting design firm, where my responsibilities are partially architecture related, but also part product design. I am responsible for designing and adjusting light fixtures for the company, and I work closely with the engineers as well, so it feels like a middle ground. I use a bit of solidworks, but am far more proficient with rhino vray autocad etc. I am very interested in knowing what my options would be with these qualifications if anyone knows or has any suggestions. Thanks!

I don’t know if I’m the one that should be giving advice, since I’m also a “recent” grad and have minimal experience, but I would say, to try to build up a portfolio with your lighting experience. Maybe do a passion project in an industry you want to work in (electronics, furniture, etc.) Pick up skills that you see needed in the product design field in job descriptions. I think you’re in a good position for being a product designer, it just takes some effort to learn the “product design” language and process. We are creatives and should be able to adapt.

With that said, I’m looking more towards architectural/sculptural/furniture/interior design. The difficult part is not having any mentors/peers to have dialogue with. Maybe try to get your hands on some student portfolios. If you want more information I will gladly help. Best of luck!

Welcome to the boards. These old posts might shed a little light on your question… . yeah, I know. Sorry had to say that :wink:

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Many industrial designers have been trained as architects. I know several. They tend to be of an earlier generation, as ID education was not as prevalent as it is today. In ID portfolio is everything. Depending on the program you went to, your architecture degree should have taught you how to think, and how to design. The question is can you put together a portfolio of work that would appeal to an industrial firm?