Architecture B.A. then Industrial Design Masters?

Hi! This is my first post on this forum and I’m pretty excited about it, but first a little background about me. I’m currently entering my second year of undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley as an Integrative Biology currently, but about to transition into the School of Environmental Design with a focus in Architecture. I didn’t find out that I had a vast interest in product/industrial design until after being exposed to certain events, books, people, and classes. I’d always had an ephemeral interest, but could never put into words what exactly this interest was. Thanks to a medical fraternity of all things I sat myself down and found myself truly and deeply questioning my path. I’ve always been sort of noncommittal towards most things, but I finally found something I feel passionate enough about to really focus on.

Unfortunately, A year of college passed by and I finally decided to make the jump into a more design oriented major, but it turns out Berkeley doesn’t have an Industrial Design bachelors program! Architecture is the closest thing to design that the school offers. Transferring into a different university is a distant possibility, but I’ve already made too many connections and memories here to simply uproot myself. Hopefully you’d all understand. Thus, my question is this: is it possible for me to continue with an Architecture education and then enroll into an I.D. masters program in the future? Architecture would provide a lot of drawing and sketching, perspective, and material education at the very least.

I’d recomend you transfer.

Purely logically, spending years and serious cash because of a few chance friendships is not a wise investment. They seem so precious now I know, but think of the connections with kindred spirits you are missing out on with other design undergraduates. Plus you will essentially just be putting yourself behind in every way, finincially you will have more school to pay for, you will be competing for your first job with younger undergrads that have less debt and a more focused education, and you will have less time to develop your product design sensibilities. Architecture is pretty different.

Your call on priorities and the value of where you want to be vs a couple of years of roots, which when you think of the span of your professional career, is not very long.

Would it be necessary to build up some sort of portfolio to submit if I were to transfer? I’ve had a couple drawing classes, but mostly on the basics and intermediate skills. I never thought about Industrial Design in highschool so I never had the opportunity to build the necessary prerequisite skills.

What you would need to transfer would depend on what schools interested you. I know this forum has several threads discussing design schools so it would probably be helpful to check them out and see which ones initially appeal to you. An example of how different their prereq’s can be is University of Cincinnati compared to Art Center. Both are highly respected and good schools for industrial design. Art Center would require a very in-depth, flushed out portfolio and University of Cincinnati would want nothing but your transcript. So check out which ones seem right for you, and then figure out which skills you need.
But most likely you will need to build a portfolio :slight_smile: