Architectural rendering with Photoworks?

Has anybody ever rendered any architectural models with Photoworks? I know that it’s typically used for product renderings, but is it powerful enough to create photorealistic architectural renderings?

i’ve been rendering a fair amount lately with photoworks and i’m quite sure you could get it done. but there are some limitation compared to lets say 3ds or alias or maxwell… depth of field isn’t available, but that can be remied with a little photoshop blurring… and if you are rendering windows in other words glass, photoworks just doesn’t seem to do that too well yet and it also bumps the render time considerably…

if you want a photorealistic rendering like those you would see on billboards for developments, you probably are going to have to choose some other package… most people use 3ds i believe

This may be of interest to you, there are some tuts and advice on PhotoWorks rendering.[/url]

Just a comment on madheros’ post…if you use Photoshop too add your depth of field, don’t use the gaussian blur tool. It doesn’t make a realistic, optically-accurate soft focus. If you have CS2 (maybe CS does it too), learn to use the Lens Blur tool, which is amazingly powerful.

well actually, i’m going to have to bite my words… after some more thorough investigation you can actually render with depth of field in photoworks by adding a camera view… i’m using solidworks 2007 so i’m not sure if this is a new feature… i don’t remember seeing this in 2006… but now it’s possible… though you have to have some pretty decent quality settings to make it look good. in other words time :wink: