Architectural Rendering,animation/ illustration Outsourcing?

:arrow_right: we provides 3dvisualization,architectural rendering /animation and graphics presentations at low price to facilitate common understanding of solutions before committing valuable resources to a project.

amit dixit

wow. looked at two galleries. the arch viz images look pretty amateur. and your 3D modeling product gallery is really lacking (the character model is actually pretty bad). no offense, but there are other 3D service providers in India with much higher quality.

since your on a free website i will guess you cant get a job. heard its still tough there. might consider going to some CG websites - CGTalk is good - and improving your skills. there’s also quite a few Indians there who might be helpful. both with critiques and with job openings.

Don’t forget to check out , it’s a great 3D hub on the net.

Also, creating a 3D library website with models of everyday things that designers can purchase to put into environments has proved to be a good way to make money as well. Sometimes designers built an environment and need a good library of things like desks, chairs, tables, lamps, etc to place in their environment. If you can create a large library of quality 3D models for purchase (variety is the key) you might be able to sell those for decent prices.