Architectural Model making

Looking for some info on model making for architecture. Is there a professional term for people that do this for a living? If so what kind of schooling is usually involved and is there an industry need for these skills? Walked by a condo development today and saw thier sales model and was intrigued.


The title is architectural model maker there are associates programs, but I personally think of them as a waste of money for such a small scope. The demand for architectural model maker is not great and I don’t really see it as a growth industry, more and more is becoming automated with SLA, SLS, CNC, ect.

However there are jobs out there for people that really have a passion for building models. I would say no specific education is needed:

general understanding of shop tools (table saw, drill press, grinder, calipers and other measuring tools, ect.)

CAD/CAM skills probably AutoCAD and laser cutters / or at the very least able to accurately work from blue prints.

Some artistic sculpture ability and understanding of materials and finishes

What you should do is go to a job search engine and type in architectural model maker with the location undefined and something with pop up to give you an better idea, the result will just be few and far apart. Also you can contact architecture firms to see if any local places have in-house shop or ask who they send models out to.

Good Luck


i’ve been doing professional models for 10 years and trying to get my shop up and running…(been contracted over the years by another shop)…

but on a side note, i started a model building forum a few weeks ago and building up the site/etc now… it’s online and i have sections that deal with materials/techniques/tricks/schools/etc… you have to register to view the forum… is the main link but it’s hosted under my website not sure if it’s ok to list my sites on this site… if so, let me know…


been working on my model building forum

have to register to view though…

tutorials will be up in the spring time or so…