Architectural Lighting

Hello, I’m a college student currently majoring in engineering. I have an interest in architectural lighting and was wondering if anyone on this forum could give me some insight as to what sort of educational background and overall experience is required to get into such an industry. As far as I know there aren’t very many schools that offer a program specific to architectural lighting Any information anybody can share would be much appreciated! ~Vanessa

Parsons has a ALD graduate program: Lighting Design (MFA) | Parsons School of Design

Also, if there is an IES Section where you’re located, go check out one of their events or meetings to network and get some direction.

Learn about LED technology as much as possible, learn about extrusions, learn about UL codes

Thanks Eddison! IES. I will investigate that. Thanks for the pointers stay youth! Do have any experience in architectural lighting or the like?

Know the UL code backward and forward for the classification of product you are designing.

Or, are you considering becoming a lighting designer that specifies the product used? The research I’ve done on the topic leads me to believe its usually something that is taught along side traditional architecture. Might be something to look into. I know several architecture students that started out in engineering.

Thanks Chris! Well, I don’t really know where I want to go with it or where I should go with it. I’m interested in light in general; how it makes us feel, how it is generated, the mechanics behind it, optics and how the eye recieves it, and how to use it effectively for beautiful interior and exterior design. I’m studying industrial engineering now. I feel like I should switch to electrical or physics for the study of light, but ultimately I think I want to be the sort of lighting designer for the exterior and interior of amazing architecture. So I would be a part of highlighting what the architect has already created.

Im working on some architectural lighting designs know. UL 1598 is an important one for most lighting fixtures. Learn how to simulate light in keyshot or similar rendering program, I found to be really helpful. There are also some light specific CAD programs that are pointed more towards architecture CAD.

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