architectural competition in iran

my team’s entry for a big architectural competition in tehran was approved.

me and my team will be designing a war museum in one of tehran’s largest open space areas, around 200,000 sq meters, which runs between two major highways in the city and located next to the country’s new multi million dollar national library which is almost finished.

not more than %15 of the area, 30,000 sq meters should go under construction.

and %35 should be set aside for shows about historic war operations.

the other %50 is left for green space.

first prize: $17000 plus the construction of the first phase of the project if approved.

i will post the design when finished!

Wow, thats great! I can’t wait to see it.
I lived in Shiraz as a child, before the revolution. Iran is definitely one of the richest places on earth, architecturally and in many other aspects. What a fantastic opportunity.

thanks for your interest. i’ll definitely post it once the entry has been submitted. i will post the map of the area and explain a bit about the project once i get it simplified and translated for those interested.

shiraz is a nice city with a lot of history. as you know pasargad or persepolis is near shiraz. a lot of visitors from around the world come to visit each year and are very impressed by the architecture (often mysterious and new to them) from different periods and styles. actually my neighbor in tehran is from shiraz!

this is the plan of the area (inside the yellow border). each square represents 200x200meters = 40000 sq meters.

i’ll make an architectural corefolio later and put everything in there with scale and color.

right now we’re working on a 3d topography model because the area contains several hills and roads which add to the difficulty of the project. the hills start from 1380 meters above sea level to 1430.