Architects in ID

Hey guys,
I was just wondering how many of you have an architecture background? I am currently studying architecture but I love industrial design as well. How hard is it for an architect to get a job in the ID field? This is my first post here so if it’s a reoccurring topic just post a link.

where are yoiu studying?

well think of it this way. Every year hundreds of students graduate around the globe with industrial design degrees, many of them with experience from internships and co-ops, all of them with years of just studying product design.

It is not imposible for a recend architecture graduate to get a job in ID, but you need figure out why a firm or studio would hire someone such as yourself and appeal to that.

I go to IIT for Architecture. I think that Arch school is more about a way of thinking and organization. Taking idea’s and turning them into reality. The thing is I love 3 types of design. I love architecture, graphic design, and industrial design. There’s no way a graphic designer will build a skyscraper, but it is concievable that an architect could create a product line or a commercial series. If that makes sence.

That can be true but it is the exception and not the rule. Especially with so many more industrial design programs these days and so much more public awareness of product design.

you know that Michael Graves has an entire design studio of Industrial Designers in a separate facility away from his architects right?

I’d say that there are more industrial designers designing buildings than architects designong products at the moment. I’ve seen a few offices where people with ID degrees do most of the upfront design work and then archtects do all of the drawings needed to build the structure.