Architect schools

Hi, I am going to be senior next year and so far, I took geometry, algebra 2, and precalculus. In order to apply for architectural design, should I take calculus or AP stat?? Which one would you prefer?

Most incoming freshman do not have either of these under their belts, but I would recommend calculus just in general.

I guess I would question what your plan is to do with architectural studies? As a graduate student in architecture a lot of my classmates earned that as their undergrad and many of them where unsatisfied by the nebulous effectiveness of such a degree.

I am not sure what schools you are interested in attending, but you might think about going to one that has a professional architecture degree. Or, study something other than architecture in undergrad while taking elective arch courses… Architects are masters of nothing and sort of expected to be good at everything so having a bachelors in something else is very attractive to some top graduate schools.

If you are more interested in theory I would study philosophy, art history, and architecture as a totalizing undergraduate experience with a plan to go to graduate school for a focused design theory masters.

Probably more than you asked for…