Architect School

I am going to be a senior next year, and I have to pick schools. I looked ACCD, RISD, Cornell, pratt, MSU, and CCA. Can you guys give me an information about these schools? Like which school has better classes and teachers.

they’re all good schools, it’s a matter of personal preference among their relative benefits, I know that doesn’t make it easier.
Add U. of Cincinnati to your list.

Hell add Univ. of Minnesota, or Univ. of Iowa or Iowa State University or …

The ‘What school is better’ discussion is a conversation to have with yourself. While one person may have a good view of one school, another person may have a bad view. Does that make the school good or bad? Of course not. Do your research, visit the campus, and talk to students and faculty while you’re there. That’s really the only way to find out what school is going to be the best fit. Paying through the nose for the next 20 years doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a good education either, remember that.

Cough Virginia Tech


Great program in a great town without the pompous private school pricing. :wink: