Architechture question......

hello…i just have a question…i know i know…its got nothing to do with ID but i really wanna know something about architecture…especially in british universities…how good do your drawing skills need to be for one to get accepted in an undergraduate program? and if u do need to submit a portfolio…does it have to super-amazing…and wat should it contain…i know it depends upon which uni but generally speaking i wanna know the prerequisites of getting accepted/doing architecture…is it harder or easier to get into than ID…does it require better/similar/lesser drawing skills than ID does etc etc…thanks :smiley: in advance

and if someone has some reference for architecture stuff/forums please tell me :slight_smile: thanks once again



I guess only some very general advice will have to do…

First check the web for admissions policies of any/all schools your interested in regarding portfolios.
Second, you should feel free to contact departments and better still faculty to ask thier opinions.
Third, go see a school in person and try to get some students to talk to you about their admission.

finally - architects are notoriously bad at hand-drawing so don’t sweat it just now.

thank you for ure advice… when u say notoriously bad u mean compared to ppl in ID :smiley:

yea, in general…

the best thing your portfolio can do for you is show how passionate you are about creativity in general and Architecture specifically. drawings of non-buildings are applicable, people, furniture, landscapes. ID likes to see diversity, not sure about Arch beyond that short list. building models would also be a big boost (from an ID point of view)