Arche Works in Chicago: Has anybody heard anything about it?

I might be needing to take a year off at Pratt because of an external issue. I will be in Chicago and would like to be educationally productive while I’m there. AIC and Columbia College don’t seem like worthy considerations, but Arche Works looks like it might be an interesting consideration… I’ve just never heard a stitch about it. I can imagine it might have something to do with the fact it’s been around maybe 10 years.

Anybody out there know anything about the rep?

There’s also the work route. I have experience as a print/interactive designer, but will only be finishing the sophomore ID year at Pratt as a grad aged undergrad. Anybody been in the position before of having to take a little time away and was able to pick up work in the ID field? It would be great to get any experience I can before returning to school in New York.

Never heard of the joint, you got a link?

I think trying to snag an extended internship is an excellent idea if you can manage it. I know a few people who have landed near full-time ID work after their sophomore year, it’s rare…

Yeah, I hadn’t heard peep either. I stumbled across it on the IDSA Chicago website. A total wild card so far.

I’m hoping that I can land a decent extended internship too, but I want to have some kind of semi-solid educational route. I’m crossing my fingers that my prior studio experience might halp a bit even though it’s graphic design. I just can’t believe Chicago doesn’t have any better schools in the city. Thanks yo!

sounds line an interesting school… it is odd, some cities just don’t have programs. Here in Portland there are several large product design firms, Nike, Adidas, And 1, Columbia, and several other corporate design offices, but no school in the entire state for ID, the closes good program is in SF.