arch undergrad > id grad

i have a 5 yr arch degree and am looking at ID grad schools.

i thoroughly enjoy design theory but i would like to study and work on projects that have a chance of being manufactured. so the schools on my list are: cranbrook, risd, pratt & iit.

i’ve read some remarks on other postings about how risd is theory based and does not focus on the professional concerns of id… so, i was curious if obtian a masters from a theory based school, such as risd, will id firms be reluctant to hire.

any other input on these schools or additional schools would also be appreciated.


Please, read the rest of the threads concerning getting a Masters in ID, and especially the ‘If I knew then what I know now’ one.

The short version is: unless you want to become a tenured professor, a Mastes has little/no value in the workplace, there’s simply no way a two-year degree can prepare you for the profession - or compete against 4 year degree’d undergrads for jobs. Period.

What can be said of RISD can be said of Cranbrook, if you really want to become a professional industrial desinger then apply to the various ‘best design school’ threads.

thanks for the advice. that is great help because i do not want to be stuck in the same rut i am now… throughout my education in architecture i gradually became more experimental, highly design oriented and stumbled into the realm of industrial/product design my last year. i finished school and decided i did not want to work at an arch firm for a while because i wanted more design control than the profession had to offer me. so for the last year and a half, i have a degree but i am working at a restaurant bartending. i want my further education to land me a job that will accomodate design this time around.

that bit of info aside- i would love to have 4 more years of academic education but i do not think i can afford it, so i am looking towards the 2 year route. i read in the “could i get into ID easily with a degree in Architecture?” thread, that with an architectural degree i could start off with a third year status. do you know that to be true? if that is so, would you recommend going the way of a bachelors degree and finishing out the last 2 years.
thanks again

1st - don’t let cost deter you from choosing the right school, figure out what kind of ID career you want and pick based on that. But if you must, stongly concider UC, where the co-oping every other term helps pay for school.

I definitly think a Bachelors is the way to go, having lots of gen. ed. and drawing credits will place you ahead of typicall undergrad, but how far ahead will probably depend on an interview. Use whatever extra time to focus on getting more marketing and/or manufacturing than undergrads have time for.

best of luck

I would NOT consider RISD or Cranbrook then. Not at all conected to core product industies or concerned with teching you how to get into them.

I would keep Pratt on, but also consider Art Center, and UC.

Good luck

i have done some research on UC’s undergrad program and thats sounds perfect. (i still need to do some more research on IIT, academy of art, pratt and art center)

i can’t thank you (y’all) enough for your advice, it has been so very helpful.
now i don’t have to worry so much about finding myself back in the restaurant biz after a few more years of schooling.
sincerest thanks