Arch trends: Frank O. Ghery v.s. Rem Koolhaas

The currend trends in the architectural world seem to be highly polarized. From my point of view the postmodern arch criticism hangs somewhere between the pomo design of late Ghery, the modernism(minimalism) of Ando and the antimodern deconstructivism of Koolhaas. Which ‘‘trend’’ do you think affect design theory overall?

I myself like the work of Koolhaas…what do you think?

Koolhaas work is fun but like it will not have the same lasting power as the modernists. I feel his work will quickly become dated as did the post modernists.

In spite of its state I find the design of (Mies) Crown Hall, IIT still stands up. Koolhaas’s student center (across the street from Crown Hall) is going to look very dated in about 5-10 years. One more thing, Mies’s is design is very flexible Koolhaas’s is not.

I have never experienced a Gehry building so its hard to critique. Based on what I have seen I would say Gehry’s style is a bit more sustainable when compared to Koolhaas.

Koolhaas is trendy. Let see if you still like his stuff 5-10years from now.

wow, absolutely every term in the original post is outdated. are we really postmodern? are we really modern, anymore? and decon died in the 90s. I really don’t mean to be harsh (yes I do) but it’s the constraints of terminology like this that causes us to be reductive of designs that deserve a much broader consideration.

post - post - post modern - i think it is today