ARCH Mag Taiwan Wants to Publish one of my designs. Scam?

I got an email this morning from someone claiming they we from Arch Magazine and they were very interested in publishing one of my designs that they found on Coroflot. They asked me to send them a 300 dpi pic of the design and some info on it. They did not tell me what the story was about, if I would be compensated, and wanted me to send them other info on what I have designed recently. The other issue I am having is that it came from a Hotmail account. This sound a bit sketchy to me so I thought I would put it out there to see what all of you thought and see if any of you have gotten the same request.

Sounds like total BS. You could try and Scam-bait them, that might be fun… Have them send a picture of themselves with a fish on their head holding a sign that says “I Suck” or something like that.

Honestly, I’d ask for a little more information before you send anything.

I sent them an email telling them that I wanted more info before sending anything over. I also told them I did not feel comfortable with their request as is.

I’ve gotten a couple of those when I was a student. Mailed out to a couple and always asked to be credited by name and website, and to be sent 2 issues of the mag. Nearly a year later I actually got 1! Still have no idea what the caption reads thou. But there’s something special about having stuff printed and not just blogged.

Sounds pretty norman. Having done a lot of media, a lot of times journalists are just super busy, spread thin, and looking for content… make sure you say how you want to be credited and ask for a magazine. If it doesn’t happen, what’s the worse that could happen?