ARAG film?

Manufactured by Autotype in the UK, using nano-replication techniques, the new film is the first of its kind to combine both > anti-reflective > and > anti-glare > properties, with a hardcoat finish that is > resistant to scratches> , chemicals and fingerprints and which has an exceptional level of > optical clarity> . The result is a tough, dimensionally stable and formable film that reflects less than 1% of visible light, > regardless of viewing angle> , and eliminates the problems of iridescence and light glare that are often associated with conventional display materials.
The MARAGâ„¢ film can be produced by Autotype on a number of substrate materials including PMMA, > PC> , PET and TAC to provide EMI shielding in displays such as in-flight, in-car or nomadic systems.
We regret to inform you that these films are no longer commercially available. For specific project requirements on PNR please contact us using the Contact Us form.

→ Would there be an alternative for this discontinued Autoflex MARAGâ„¢ film applied to a polycarbonate sheet?
(optical clear, anti-reflective and anti-glare, resistant to scratches)
I’d like to use it in one side of a children’s cot…