Aqua Teen Hunger Force Stunt Designers Arrested

This is unfair, where in Turner Entertainment to accept the blame for something that was approved by them?

Is there a link to an article that explains more of what you are talking about?

I heard about this yesterday in beantown. Apparently they put empty boxes all around town or something. People thought they were bombs, the bomb squad blew one up, they found out it was a promo for the ATHF movie…

The Sad part is the posters where up for three weeks before anyone noticed them. Did Boston overreact or is Boston Johnny on the spot? The same posters are in many other different cites and it hasn’t caused any problems

…not to be redundant, but it is just a ‘stupid marketing’ stunt which will pay-off big time for tbn…they couldn’t buy advertising like this…this will cost them less than 60 sec would cost them for a superbowl commercial this sunday…

but it is just a ‘stupid marketing’ stunt which will pay-off big time for tbn

So, between this and the woman dying in Cali from drinking too much water, do you think “stupid marketers” will learn?

Methinks no…but I don’t have much faith in humans.

It actually looked pretty cool though: If you are a fan of ATHF, it fit.

here are links to the story that i read in Boston’s Metro on my way to work today

i wish i had seen them before they took them down.

Yeah the funny thing is that the bomb squad didn’t identify these for what they were…empty boxes with blinking lights hooked up to AA batteries. Not to mention CNN which is owned by Turner Broadcasting as well as Cartoon Network. You’d think somebody could have made a phone call…

they are professionals…considering what they are dealing with, they dont do guessing, it would be like playing russian roulette: they systematically destroy any reported suspect packages.

that s probably the safest procedure: once its blown up, you are sure it wont blow up in your face. :wink:

I just thought it was an interesting topic, because is shows how far the gap between the younger 18-28 and older 55-65 generation is. It wasn’t until around 2pm that they released a photo of the suspected bombs and at that point many people started calling in to tell them what they were.

Then on Bloomburg radio I heard a market analyst saying that is was worst case scenario for promotions, I disagree everyone at my work wanted to know all about adultswim and athf!

I first heard about it when i turned on cnn and the two guys who did it were talking to the press after being released. Since their attny had told them not to speak about it, they would only take questions or comments about their hair.

The Anarchist in me was thrilled. How perfect in our world of overreaction and home land “security” that a moonanite flipping off “harder than ever before” stopped an entire city. So, I give a serious wag of the finger to boston for not getting it.

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