Approaching companies with speculative work.

Hi guys,

What is the best way to take my speculative projects to companies?

I would like to send presentations out but am afraid they will say no thank you then pursue the product on their own. On the other hand if I don’t show them the concept how can I get them interested in doing business.

I am new at this so any opinions would help.


I do a fair amount of spec designs and only work with companies that get good referrals and that I trust. I’ve been working with several Chinese companies on spec products and have about a 50% batting average - which I think is pretty good. There’s a good market for innovative western designs if you can deliver a full package to a Chinese manufacturer. Especially if it dovetails into their manufacturing strategy and they already have customers for similar products.

Unless you already have a patent on the design don’t expect to hit the jackpot and plan an early retirement. Plan on spending US$1,500 for a design patent and $10,000 for a well written utility patent. That’s the only bullet-proof way to protect your design (in the US), but then you need to spend some dough to enforce your patent if someone infringes.

Good luck!!

i work for a company that does all it’s manufacturing in china. the owner is american (taught himself mandarin). when we outsource, we split up the design…sort of a DOD tactic. the separate companies can’t figure out WTF their building because they build separate components, finally assembly is done in our factory. it’s tougher to copy or rip-off a design this way.