Approaching Companies for Design

I am a soon to be ID graduate who has yet to find a job. I have had several interviews but am still unemployed. Therefore, I have made the decision to move back home to save money. However, there isn’t much design around me. Mostly engineering jobs…The good news is that I have all the materials needed to do freelance work. My thought was to approach companies in the area that could use some design, but am not sure how to go about it. Has anyone done this? Also, do people hire freelances that are only in the area, or are they willing to hire someone elsewhere and communicate through email/skype/phone and send documents that way too. Let me know what you think…

Within my masters course, we are currently in a class which purpose it to learn how to pitch work to clients.
This can absolutly be done and be very successful.

I would advise that you find a company that you think needs improvment and where you can contribute something.
A couple of things are important:

  1. Research the company well and try to identify exactly what you can do for them. The reason why they are lacking on some area is probably because they are not aware of it.

  2. Outline your pitch. It has to snappy and concrete. Chances are they will be reluctant to spend any money on something which is not a 100% clear to them. Have one pitch for the phone, an “elevator pitch” and then a longer elaboration for the meeting.

  3. This is vital. Talk to the right person, somebody who can make the decisions. After some digging you will probably find the phone number or email to somebody in charge.

  4. No fear. All they can say is no, not interested and that’s not so bad.

Good luck!

Thanks. I take it talk to the managers at the company and shoot them an email about what I do, and what I could do for them…Have you ever done this before. If anyone has tell us your story about it. Thanks guys. Also, what should I charge, now having a degree fresh out of school?