Im a senior highschool international student, and I have a question.

In fine arts, there is something called apprenticeship. Do designers also have something like that? If there is such a thing is it possible for a highschool student to do something like that?

Dont get me wrong, Im currently a student in an Arts school(MI), not some jerkoff whos never done art seriously.

I know there are pre college programs that many universities offer, but I was just thinking that something like an apprenticeship would help me in many different ways.

Is there a internet website where I could possibly find apprenticeship opportunities?

I guess its more about finding the right person, opposed to getting a job, but anyway.

this is me

18 years old
East asian

started official art education when 7
currently learning:Metalsmithing, Printmaking
Planned to take courses in ceramics/sculpture, Photography

most confident in 2D based arts such as drawing, rendering
strength - adapting to methods
Speak English(almost native/fluent) and mother language

I will probably apply to ACCD, CCS, and coventry when I graduate
(hopefully you’ll know my interest by this fact)

Looking for apprenticeship under a designer in the US over summer 08’


Im sorry if I posted these questions on the wrong place,
Im also sorry if I sound stupid or anything

I would be grateful if somebody answers my questions

Thankyou, and a happy new year