Applying to ACCD & CCA for Industrial Design

I have been dreaming to go to California to learn design especially going to a top rated institute. I literally have no Idea as to what I am doing due to the fact that I am located in Dallas where there are no ID design influences. please take a look at my portfolio entries and be honest. I want to have one of the most thought out portfolio entries.

Project #1: Vector Speak

Project #2: Aestus Heater

Project #3: Vento Violin

Thank you in advance for your input!

Hey, Took a quick look at your stuff. It would help to tell us more about you (i.e. are you in high school still or do you want to go back for another degree)

But anyway, about your projects: It seems that in all of them you seems to sketch out a few early concepts, around 5 or 6 and then try to take on of those and develop it, though it seems you tend to draw the same thing over and over again, try doing more distinct variations of the same concept. I would really try to get a lot more variation in your early concepts, I would say 20+ different concepts and then take 3 of the strongest ones and develop those and see where it goes then, instead of doing lots of photoshop renderings of the same concept, try to really make a crisp rendering on your best concept.

This is just a thought on the violin project. Why keep the same iconic shape of the violin? Read something the other day that those instruments have not changed since they were originally developed, way back, thus they aren’t ergonomic and it has been said that they can cause health issues in the long term. I would try to approach that project with the thought process of how you can improve upon the iconic design so that it makes it easier for the user and doesn’t cause health issues. It would be a more meaningful process than a re-skin of the existing design/materials.

Good work overall! and good luck with where ever you end up!

Edit: just did a quick google search about violin and health issues just read the abstract but this may provide some insight

Thanks for your input Traftos. I’ll definitely get to work on more variations.

I’m currently attending University of Texas @ Arlington as a Freshman and decided that I desperately wanted to pursue design now instead of later.

And about changing the iconic shape of the violin; I wanted to keep its shape because techniques used to play have to feel as if you are playing a regular classical violin. Keeping the length and height of the chin rest are crucial in making the violin feel right. Those factors do cause strain in the neck, shoulders, and wrists. To eliminate the risk of health issues, the violin would have to be played in another position.