Applying/Modeling Textures

Hey gang, I was recently in China and bought some binoculars mostly for my kids but also to try and figure out how they applied this texture. I’ve been seeing trending things like this on other products and I can’t figure out how it was modeled or if it was modeled at all. I’m Solidworks guy and looking at this makes my headache to try and figure out how you’d model or repeat every single facet. They also faded it out on either side. Is this done with another program? How do you repeat a texture like this on a cylindrical surface? I’m stumped! Sorry if the pictures are hard to see.

Each row is most likely a circular pattern of a lofted cut–hexagon lofting to a single point. The fade is the tricky part, I can’t think of an easy way of doing that in solidworks without individually creating each one.

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Radial pattern?

We only pattern when the element would exactly fit the surface.
Otherwise this is all done manually. If you get down to the business it is not even all that much work; < 2 Hours on these.
Grasshopper is possible but the translation to CAM is more difficult.
Cool binos!

Thank you all! Very helpful answers here.